Adviser To NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Steps Down Amid Workplace Controversies

 May 2, 2023

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has lost a head adviser after the adviser was accused of developing a toxic reputation on the job.

"The Colorado-based consultant was also blamed for hurting the governor’s political operation," Breitbart reports.

42-year-old Adam Sullivan explained in an email to Hochul’s 2022 campaign staffers that he "decided to step back from my role helping or advising the Governor as well as the State Party and any other efforts in New York State for the foreseeable future."

A recent report spoke about Sullivan's role in advising Hochul on decisions that included one which nearly "torpedoed" her bid for governor.

Hochul was sworn in as the first woman elected to the state’s governorship in January.

Former Hochul campaign staff members accused Sullivan of being overbearing and belittling others.

A former Hochul campaign operative said that when Hochul was running for lieutenant governor, Sullivan was "very much so condescending. Sometimes, I think several of us got the impression that he would counter something that we were suggesting just for the sake of countering it."

Sullivan did apologize in his email to those whom he had hurt with his actions.

"It just explains why there are so many problems, why there’s so much dysfunction, why they’ve made so many boneheaded decisions," said a Democrat operative.

The operative added that Hochul was listening to a man who was almost on the other side of the country.