Louisiana state Rep. Jeremey LaCombe leaves Democratic Party

 April 11, 2023

In a month's time, three Democrats have announced they are leaving the party to join the GOP.

This is a severe blow to the Democratic Party.

Ex-Democrat Representative Jeremy LaCombe, a state legislator in Louisiana, announced this week he is leaving the Democratic Party and would register as a Republican.

"It was not immediately clear what prompted LaCombe's departure, however he is now the second Louisiana Democrat in less than a month to switch party affiliations, and the third nationwide after another state lawmaker in North Carolina did the same," reported Fox News.

"Last month, Louisiana state Rep. Francis Thompson gave Republicans in the state House a supermajority after he switched his party affiliation, and earlier this month, North Carolina state Rep. Tricia Cotham gave Republicans in the state House a supermajority with her switch as well," reported the network.

The sad news for the Democrats comes as President Joe Biden has an incredibly low approval rating among key groups.

Democratic men particularly disapprove of Biden, as do suburban women aged 45+, recent polling reveals.

Though it is not clear exactly what is causing Democrats to repeatedly turn their backs on their party, it does seem to have something to do with the awful decisions the Biden administration continues to make.