DeSantis scores on Democrats with public safety tour

 February 28, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has completed what his team called a "public safety tour" to historically blue states.

DeSantis visited New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, but the question is, did he get what he wanted?

He did – and the Democrats gave it to him.

"Obviously, the tour was devised to raise the Governor’s national profile for the 2024 presidential race. He’ll be facing a crowded field of Republican candidates – former president Donald Trump among them," reported Fox News.

"DeSantis knows he needs to start early to build national recognition anywhere near Trump’s. He also knows that public safety has become a major talking point in our public discourse, as America’s cities seem preordained to chaos thanks to 'criminal justice reform,'" reported Fox News.

"Now, the governor could have stayed at home in Florida and touted his record on friendly territory. But he instead chose to go into three blue states – albeit to red-leaning enclaves – to hold rally-type meetings and to elicit a response. It was a Trumpian move, and a new national look for DeSantis – the provocateur at-large," reported Fox News.

The states' leaders, Adams (NY), Pritzker (PA) and Lightfoot (IL) took DeSantis's bait.

"Rather than engaging on the very issue that DeSantis is fronting – and thereby potentially blunting it – the three Dems defaulted to the culture war talking points that currently embody the left’s least popular positions," reported Fox News.

Source: Fox News