Hearing To Hold Hunter In Contempt Of Court Set For Jan. 10

 January 6, 2024

The markup hearing to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress will be held on Jan. 10, the House Oversight Committee announced on Friday.

Republicans will be quick to note that this date is coming up deliciously soon.

Hunter Biden is a criminal, and he needs to be treated as such.

Right now, he still thinks that he can get away with whatever he wants just because his dad has been covering for him for fifty years.

Hunter Biden continues to act like a child no matter what age he is and no matter how it reflects on the United States of America.

Joe Biden's criminal son is one of the greatest security threats facing America in 2024.

That's because Hunter Biden has proven in the past that he's willing to sell out America at a moment's notice, and he's done NOTHING recently to suggest otherwise.

It's time for Congress to hold him accountable.