Heads in the sand: Kamala Harris calls her and Biden's unpopularity 'political chatter'

By Jen Krausz on
 February 20, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris called reports of her and President Joe Biden's unpopularity with voters in polls "political chatter" and insisted that people are "thanking" the president and administration during her travels.

Democrats have said anonymously that they think Biden should replace her on the ticket, but he is not likely to do so because of his emphasis on racial equity and what some on the right are now calling "identity hires."

"The Democrats who will need to speak out on her are from the Congressional Black Caucus, no White member is going to do it," an anonymous operative told Politico.

Harris insists the American people are more bullish on Biden's administration and policies than the polls suggest.

"I will tell you what I see when I’m out on the road. I see people thanking the president," Harris said.

I mean, the people Harris talks to are probably supporters and sycophants who don't represent the general voting public, but if that's what she wants to believe, fine. There may be (hopefully) a rude awakening in store for the administration in 2024, because no one who is doing that bad a job should really be able to keep it.