Headless body that washed up on Rockaway beach believed to belong to Irish filmmaker Ross McDonnell

November 20, 2023

A headless and armless body that washed up on Rockaway Beach in New York is believed to belong to Irish filmmaker Ross McDonnell who has been missing since Nov. 4.

McDonnell was last seen riding his bike to the Rockaways on that day, and his friends explained that McDonnell loved "wild swimming," or swimming in rivers, lakes, and oceans.

A source close to police investigating the case stated, "We believe the Irish filmmaker drowned, and this could be his torso," but added that a DNA comparison is needed to confirm the exact identity of the body.

It is suspected that McDonnell drowned on one of his swims, and his body was dismembered in the ocean over the course of two weeks. Both currents and marine wildlife explain the horrific state of the body that was found washed up.

McDonnell is a photographer, director, cinematographer, and producer, and he won an Emmy award in 2021 for cinematography on the Showtime series The Trade.

If this body is indeed McDonnell, as many suspect it is, it will at least bring closure to friends and family who have been looking for answers for weeks.

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