Hawaii state lawmaker slams Biden for dismal response to Maui wildfires

September 11, 2023

President Joe Biden, who campaigned on bringing Americans together and helping out our neighbors when they need it most, is being heavily criticized -- and rightfully so -- over his handling of the Maui wildfires that killed scores of island residents and destroyed countless homes and businesses.

While numerous lawsuits and investigations have been launched in the wake of the devastating fire, many Hawaiians, including State House Minority Leader Diamond Garcia, are upset at the president's clear lack of empathy and compassion for what his friends and family experienced.

According to Fox News, Garcia described Biden's comments during his visit to the island as a "slap in the face" to local residents who just experienced a living nightmare.

Garcia also hit the president for spending barely six hours on the island when he finally found the time to drop by.

"The fact is the president came to Hawaii some time after the fires burnt down the entire town of Lahaina. And when he came, he came for less than 6 hours," Garcia told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

The state lawmaker torched the elderly, often-confused president for falling asleep during a memorial service and criticized him for messing up virtually every name that he mentioned during his speech.

"He landed, did a brief tour, held a press conference – where he literally butchered every single name that he mentioned -- and then went to an event with the local families who lost everything. And he literally fell asleep in the midst of these families pouring out their hearts and sharing their experiences," Garcia told Hannity.

The lawmaker continued his scathing review of Biden's visit, and the fact that he authorized a mere $700 per resident, which doesn't go very far on the mainland, let alone in Hawaii.

However, the "slap in the face" Garcia mentioned was with regard to Biden's speech when he told a sickening lie about how he almost lost his house in a fire, which was not even close to what really happened, which was reportedly a small kitchen fire that was extinguished inside of 20 minutes.

"In the words of the local families here, they're saying what a slap in the face that was. That comment was out of place. It goes to show the lack of basic humanity involved here," Garcia said.

Garcia was right on the money and probably speaks for a majority of Hawaii residents in expressing his frustrations.

Nobody expects a president to solve their problems after a disaster, but showing up in a timely manner and offering a little genuine empathy goes a long way, and Biden clearly failed -- majorly -- on both fronts.

It'll be interesting to see how much support Biden has lost in Hawaii as the 2024 election nears.

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