Hannity Claims Effort Underway To Make Trump House Speaker

October 5, 2023

Sean Hannity has a theory:

Republicans might try to make Donald Trump the next speaker of the House of Representatives.

During his show on Fox News on Oct. 3, Hannity asserted that some House Republicans were going through the process to "draft" America's former president as a potential replacement for Kevin McCarthy, the recently ousted Republican from California.

"History on Capitol Hill tonight," Hannity began. He added:

Eight Republican lawmakers joining all 208 House Democrats to remove Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker — first time in our nation’s history. And McCarthy will not seek the Speakership again.

"Now, sources telling me at this hour some House Republicans have been in contact with and has started an effort to draft former President Donald Trump to be the next speaker,” he said. “And I have been told that President Trump might be open to helping the Republican Party, at least in the short term, if necessary, if it is needed," Hannity concluded.

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