Brennan: Hamas 'Is Not Going To Survive' This War

October 12, 2023

Former CIA Director John Brennan recently stopped by Deadline on MSNBC and delivered a brutal truth to the enemies of freedom:

Hamas "is not going to survive" the war it ignited with Israel.

"I’ve been involved in counterterrorism for the better part of 40 years, and I must say, this is the most horrific series of attacks that I’ve ever had to witness or to talk about. Unspeakable, unadulterated evil, as President Biden said. What they did to babies, murdered them, elderly, women, children, I can’t get over it. It’s sickening, absolutely sickening. This was purposed by Hamas," Brennan said. He added:

Because of the outside support it has received from places like Iran, as well as from Hezbollah or others, it has built up this capability, very sophisticated attack, engaged in tremendous deception campaign. It well planned this operation for many, many months. The fact that it was so multidimensional, Hamas couldn’t do this years ago. They would carry out single attacks, whatever, but clearly, this is an organization that had tremendous capability. I wonder what else they have planned

"They’ve done more to trounce the political aspirations, the legitimate aspirations of the innocent Palestinian people who decry these Hamas terrorist attacks," he opined, concluding.

Hamas is not going to survive, I think this. There is going to have to be some new understanding about how Gaza is going to be governed or led. Hamas has just totally become illegitimate in terms of the governing authority.

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