Hamas Brutality Eerily Reminiscent Of ISIS Tactics

 October 10, 2023

Watch the videos if you must, but let me warn you.

They're not pretty.

Hamas has always been regarded as pretty brutal, but for years ISIS may have been considered an even more inhumane organization.

That is, up until recently.

Videos showing Hamas terrorists essentially using ISIS terrorism tactics are proving that Hamas is just as evil as some of the other terrorists in the world.

As if the hundreds and hundreds already dead didn't already prove that.

"The videos of Hamas kidnapping women, children and the elderly and desecrating dead bodies are in some ways shocking to see but then again, Hamas has engaged in 30 years of grotesque terrorism and is a vicious brutal terrorist organization," said Seth Frantzman, a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. "The videos showing men stripping women’s bodies, spitting and stomping on them is the kind of thing that makes Hamas very clearly similar to ISIS and it is a new level of grotesque and horrid behavior that is a clear crime against humanity."