Half Of Dems Say Biden Too Old For Oval Office

 June 20, 2023

An incredible 71% of all Americans say that Joe Biden is too old to be president, according to a recent survey.

He simply isn't alert, coherent, and agile enough to do his duties.

It's not just angry Republicans skewing the numbers of this poll, either.

HALF of all Democrats even think that an 80-year-old Biden is too old to carry out his duties as America's president.

Barely a quarter of them think that Biden is the "right age."

Biden is already the oldest president that America has ever had. Each day that he keeps living, he breaks his own record.

While some may argue that his mummified appearance would indicate that he isn't actually living, we're probably going to have to pretend like he is until his heart officially stops beating.

Whether Biden is too old or not isn't the biggest question to be asking anyway.

That question should be, "is Joe Biden capable?"

The answer to that is a resounding "NO!"