Haley Attacked On Immigration In Her Home State

 February 2, 2024

Supporters of former President Donald Trump headed to the home state of GOP candidate Nikki Haley to let everyone know exactly how they feel about his sole remaining Republican primary competitor.

When it comes to Haley, Trump’s campaign says our nation’s security is not a priority.

According to Trump’s campaigners, “Haley has spoken out against a border wall and has been critical of ending automatic birthright citizenship. She also opposed President Trump’s plan to use drones and planes to secure the southern border.”

They went on to speak about toddler Madison Hines, who was killed by an illegal immigrant, a death that was preventable.

“And that is why policy matters. And that’s why who’s at the top and who’s in the White House matters,” said state Attorney General Alan Wilson.

“Donald Trump is the only candidate that I have faith in that can get the job done. And that’s why we’re all here today to support his candidacy,” Wilson concluded.