Haley advocates catch-and-deport border policy

By Jen Krausz on
 April 9, 2023

Presidential candidate and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Saturday on Breitbart's SIRIUS radio show that if elected, she would change President Joe Biden's catch-and-release border policy to catch-and-deport.

“So currently when Border Patrol gets these illegal immigrants, they go, and they make sure that they write down who they are, where they’re going, all that, and then they release them to wherever they’re going to go, and they give them a court date,” Haley said. “In some cases, the court date may be two years from now. It may be three years from now. They may or may not show up to the court date.”

“What we need to do is when you catch them, you deport them back from where they came,” she added. “You can’t allow them in this country. My parents always said, ‘If someone doesn’t follow the law to come into this country, they won’t follow the law when they get into this country.’ We have got to stop the bleeding.”

Haley visited the border at El Paso, Hondo, and Eagle Pass, and said that a sheriff told her catch-and-release was causing the most chaos at the border.

“He said, ‘It was like the floodgates opened up,'” Haley recounted.

She also endorsed the use of E-Verify to prevent companies from hiring illegal workers rather than legal citizens.