Gunman Arrested In Philadelphia Shooting That Killed Five

We finally have some more information on the person responsible for the mass shooting that left five dead as the nation approached Independence Day.

The rifle-wielding suspect is being identified as Black Lives Matter supporter Kimbrady Carriker.

Carriker is apparently male but features multiple pictures of himself in a bra on his Facebook page.

The man doesn't know what gender he is.

The man STILL supports BLM after its corruption was exposed.

The man killed five human beings.

The man injured two children.

The man is mentally ill.

Police in Philadelphia said that in addition to the five deaths caused by the shooting, a two-year-old boy was shot four times, and a 13-year-old boy also suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Carriker was chased for several blocks as he fired at potential victims, and he was eventually apprehended after giving himself up in an alley.

Please pray for all involved.