Greg Gutfeld claims Nikki Haley is 'running against her own party'

 January 25, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's victory in New Hampshire this week set the media world on fire.

There were still a sizeable number of pundits and others who believed due to New Hampshire's moderate political climate that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki could pull off a victory.

But that didn't happen. Not only was she decisively beaten -- even with the help of Democratic voters -- calls for Haley to step down have intensified, and she has become the laughingstock of many cable news programs, including Fox News host Greg Gutfeld's.

Gutfeld absolutely torched Haley in a recent monologue, pointing first to Haley's awkward, post-New Hampshire speech in which she attempted to sound like it was a victory for her campaign.

"Now, somehow, Nikki Haley came out and gave a victory speech, which is kind of like the Hindenburg declaring victory over fire. But, wow, she's doing like a speech like she won," Gutfeld wrote in a Fox News op-ed.

Gutfeld added, "Trump carried New Hampshire by double digits in a state where more Democrats voted in the Republican primary than Republicans did. That usually only happens in Chicago, and those voters are dead. It's not easy to lose badly in a situation like that and then claim victory. She must be getting advice from Liz Cheney."

"Ooh. So what gives? Why would Nikki treat a New Hampshire hammering like a win? Just because she lost by less than expected? Hell, if Michael Jordan had that attitude, he wouldn't be in Cooperstown," he went on.

Gutfeld torched Haley for seemingly going "woke" as her chances of victory appeared slimmer as the primary approached, as the candidate made comments about her ethnicity and how she lost out at a chance at a beauty contest as a child because she was "brown."

The Fox News host and comedian ultimately determined that Haley seems to be running against her own party.

"Well, look, I'm not questioning her origin story or how it impacted her life, all that sucks. But when you're pandering to the Dems as a Republican, it's kind of embarrassing. So last night, her constituency wasn't really Republicans, it was Democrats. In a way, she's running against her own party, not just Trump," Gutfeld said.

Prior to providing his take on the situation, Gutfeld quoted Trump's reaction to Haley's bizarre, post-New Hampshire speech.

"I said, well, she's doing, like a speech, like she won. She didn't win. She lost. This is not your typical victory speech. But let's not have somebody take a victory when she had a very bad night. She had a very bad night," Trump said after the primary was over.

He added, "I said, I can go up and I can say to everybody, oh, thank you for the victory. It's wonderful. It's... or I can go up and say, who the hell was the imposter that went up on the stage before and like, claimed a victory? She did very poorly, actually."

Many believe that if Haley loses South Carolina, her home state, which she probably will, that she'll finally bow out of the race. Let's hope that's the case.