Granger Smith reveals the 'real reason' he's abandoning country music to join the ministry alongside a photo of his final performance

August 31, 2023

Granger Smith took a "keepsake" photo while performing for supporters at his final concert on Saturday and revealed the "real reason" he is leaving music to pursue Christian ministry.

"I took this pic on Saturday -- a keepsake from my last show as a touring musician," the 43-year-old singer wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, according to a report from Fox News. "It’s been such a privilege to claim that job title for so many years!"

He continued, "Let’s be clear. This is not retirement. That would mean I’m quitting work altogether. It’s also not because I’m burned out or unwell or sick or heartbroken or grieving.

"I am more at peace and more free than any other time of my life. It’s not for any of those reasons," Smith said.

Smith's Biblical Based Reason

He explained the "real reason" for his decision to enter the ministry by citing Matthew 13:44.

"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field," the parable said.

Smith said the "real reason" he is leaving country music is because "knowing Jesus" and telling others about him is the "treasure of my life. And I want you to know this, so you can have Him as your treasure too."

The "Hate You Like I Love You" singer went to expand on his reasons, saying he wanted a career "based upon building a name for myself to get in the way" of his ministry work, "no matter what kind of popularity or career I’ve gained."

Smith added, "There is not another #1 song I can write, album I can release, sold out concert I can perform, that is more important than this."

How He Wants to Be Known

The singer said he doesn't want his name to be known, "instead I want to proclaim the name of Christ! The one that has washed me clean, the one that has freed me from my shame and my guilt. The one that gave me a new heart.

"I want Him to be known! And I want to know Him more. That is the real reason I’m leaving music touring," he added.

Smith went on, "I hope to see y’all soon on a new kind of stage."

In an April video announcement, Smith explained that he felt a "strong desire" to pursue ministry and that he would be serving his local congregation outside of Austin, Texas.

He wrote at the time that his final performance would signal "the end of the longest era of my life" after 24 years of touring.

The musician said he was "so encouraged and hopeful and excited and joyful about the next chapter," and added that he just wants to "glorify God the best way that I can. I want to learn and grow and serve my local church and allow my pastors to equip and affirm those next steps. Lord willing, I want to be used to help people find their purpose."

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