Grandpa Shot To Death While Apologizing For Parking Lot Fender Bender

 February 15, 2024

It was a normal fender bender.

A grandfather accidentally hit another car in a Walmart parking lot when he was backing up.

What should have been a simple exchange of insurance information was nothing of the sort.

Instead, the 59-year-old grandpa, named Jonathan Mauk, was gunned down in cold blood.

His son, Matthew Mauk, has released a gut-wrenching statement on what happened that horrific day.

“From what witnesses told me, my dad felt responsible. He was the one to blame, so he got out of the car to apologize, and that is when the other person shot him,” Mauk’s son said.

Yes, you read that right.

In a senseless act of violence, the driver into whom Mauck had backed his car shot the older gentleman in the face while he was trying to apologize.

Maybe the most heartbreaking part of all of this is the fact that there was not even any substantial harm done to the car at issue.

“There is a scratch on the fender. There is not a dent, there is no real damage. There is a scratch. That is the extent of the collision that he lost his life over,” Mauk’s son said.

We pray for the family of this poor victim as they try make peace with how unfair this all is.