Grandma's Family Sues Over Death By Gator

 January 27, 2024

A Florida grandmother was recently killed by an alligator lurking in a pond near her home.

Now, her family is suing.

The family of Gloria Serge, 85, is blaming her retirement community for not taking proper precautions against the 10-foot gator that was so well-known that it was nicknamed Henry.

Apparently, Henry was hungry.

Gloria was dragged to her death around the pond behind her home in the aforementioned senior community.

Her family is alleging that the rules that governed the community were what caused Gloria's death.

Specifically, residents are not allowed to walk their dogs on the streets. As a result, Gloria was forced to walk her dog right by the pond in which the alligator resided.

For some reason, the community even placed benches along the edge of the water, despite knowing the dangerous beast was lurking the entire time.

Do you think Gloria's family is right to sue for this?