Grandfather of little girl slain by illegal migrants praises Trump for calling family

 July 8, 2024

President Joe Biden's illegal migrant crisis at the southern U.S. border has caused more heartache for American citizens than one could possibly imagine.

That's especially true for the family of Jocelyn Nungaray, the 12-year-old girl who was brutally murdered by two Venezuelan nationals who were in Texas illegally.

According to Fox News, her grandfather, Kelvin Alvarenga, told a Houston news affiliate that he and his family were thankful to former President Donald Trump for a phone call he made to her mother to comfort the family in their time of need.

"With former President Trump reaching out, my blessings to him and God bless him," he told the outlet.

Fox News noted:

The suspects allegedly sexually assaulted Nungaray before strangling her to death after luring her below a bridge in Houston last month.

If the suspects are found guilty of sexual assault, they could face the death penalty, which Nungaray's family opposes. They would rather the suspects live with what they allegedly did.

Alvarenga said, "I’d rather for them to remember this in [a prison's] general population," Alvarenga said. "Life without parole. That way, they can remember every night when they go to bed the horrific deal that they did to our family."

Trump had also brought attention to the little girl's murder during his June 27 debate with President Biden, calling it "horrible."

Alvarenga also gave thanks to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who recently announced that the state is working on passing a law named in honor of the young girl. The law would deny bail for capital murder suspects.

"She would always say that she wanted to be a superstar, and so I think that we need to continue on her dream and, under the circumstances, which are not the greatest, she will become a superstar," Alvarenga said of his late granddaughter.

"She was already a star in our lives, and now we’re going to make it worldwide," he added.

The two illegals, Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel, 21, and Franklin Jose Peña Ramos, 26, have been charged with capital murder. They reportedly crossed into the U.S. illegally earlier this year, thanks in part to Biden's dangerously lax border policies.

Biden's policies have resulted in countless dangerous people coming into the United States with the intention of killing Americans.

It's another reminder of why it's so very important for someone like Trump to win in November.