Graham calls out Trump for calling Hezbollah 'smart'

By Jen Krausz on
 October 17, 2023

Sen. Lindsey Graham called out former President Donald Trump on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday for saying that Hezbollah was "smart."

Graham said when asked by anchor Kristin Welker, “That was a huge mistake. If I was President Trump, I would talk about the strongest president for Israel in modern times. He issued a statement two days ago, I stand with Bibi, and I stand with Israel.’ He’s on the right track. The Biden administration’s border policies are failing.”

Welker pointed out that Trump had also criticized Netanyahu, which she suggested may have been a personal attack because Netanyahu chose to recognize President Joe Biden as the duly elected president.

Graham said the criticism was "not helpful" in light of the recent attack by Hamas on Israel.

Of course, Welker is likely trying to drive a wedge between Graham and Trump, as any liberal journalist would between any two Republicans.

In this case, she succeeded, but Trump didn't do much to help himself, it seems.