Gowdy says Hillary Clinton got more favorable treatment than Trump

 June 13, 2023

Former Republican Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina spoke out about the indictment against former President Donald Trump.

Gowdy called it "pretty good evidence of knowledge and intent."

The former lawmaker brought the heat when he said there's no question that Trump has been treated differently than the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Gowdy did say however, that "the president needs to take this seriously."

"The audiotape, that’s pretty good evidence of knowledge and intent. But I thought about two other cases when I was reading this indictment, Hillary Clinton obviously, because that served as kind of a motivation for President Trump and the way he handled it," Gowdy continued.

Then, Gowdy spoke about the differences between Trump's treatment and that afforded other political lawbreakers.

"And there’s no doubt the bureau treated him disparately," Gowdy added. "Keep in mind, Jim Comey made up his mind not to charge Hillary Clinton before he ever interviewed her. That is stunning. How can you make a false statement case when you make up your mind you’re not going to charge someone before you interview them?"

Then Gowdy made a really interesting point about how a jury might view the mistreatment of Trump.

"But Rich, the other case that I thought about, believe it or not, was O.J. Simpson, because remember, in O.J. Simpson, the jury concluded that the police framed a guilty man, but they were more upset with the police misconduct than they were a double murder," Gowdy hammered.

"And I guarantee you, there are portions of our country right now that say, look, Mr. President, we wish you would have handled this whole thing differently, but you’re right the bureau and the department have been out to get you for about five years now," Gowdy added.

"And I’ll be curious how the American jury, the court of public opinion weighs and balance[s] mishandling of classified information and obstruction with the abuses of the bureau and the department," Gowdy continued.