Government Still Silent On Biden Family Docs

Representative Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania, recently stopped by Newsmax on May 9.

While there, he confirmed that America's federal government is still failing to respond to requests for documents regarding allegations of influence peddling among the Biden family.

May 10 is the day of House Oversight chair James Comer's news conference to reveal details that would prove criminal activity by the Bidens, and it's also the deadline for the FBI to disclose documents related to a recent whistleblower's allegations against Joe Biden.

The FBI hasn't even denied the request, they're just simply ignoring it.

"They haven't responded to me, and I can't be sure, but I suspect they haven't responded to Chairman Comer either," Perry said, adding:

Let's talk about some facts that we know. Members of the Oversight Committee sat in Treasury and read through the binders upon binders of some suspicious activity reports collected by Treasury from the banks.

The Bidens are guilty, we all know that.

Is just a matter of whether our federal government is going to let us prove it or not.