Gov. Hochul torched by fallen NYPD detective's family for lack of action on reversing bail reform laws

 April 1, 2024

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has found herself deep in a public relations political nightmare in the wake of the death of NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller's death.

According to the New York Post, Hochul attended the funeral of the slain officer, even as reports emerged that the family of the fallen detective was outraged and placed blame on her for the bail reform policies that let violent criminals back out on the street far too soon.

The NY Post noted:

Despite her own efforts to roll back the reforms, Hochul has failed to cut down the changes that many argue allow violent criminals onto the street and put cops and everyday New Yorkers at risk.

In an interview Sunday, she claimed that she was never asked to leave the funeral for the fallen hero, despite being bluntly told by his family that "blood is your hands" in the wake of his death.

"I would do it again, and that’s my job," Hochul said, going on to admit that she understands why there's "outrage" over the tragic situation that took his young life.

"We were told the family is welcoming. We always check, and they said to come, and I went. And no one told me to leave," Hochul reportedly told Politico on Sunday.

In yet another media interview regarding her attendance at the funeral, she told MSNBC's Al Sharpton, "Understandably there’s anger about how these individuals could commit crimes over and over and are back out on the street again."

Guy Rivera, the alleged murderer behind the ambush that took Diller's life, has been arrested at least 21 previous times and racked up at least five years in prison, and he's only 34.

So, it's more than understandable that Diller's family would be "outraged" that Hochul would have the audacity to attend the funeral, given that she hasn't followed through on rolling back the deadly bail reform policies that have turned New York City into a place that makes Gotham City look safe and sound.

Hochul desperately tried to make it sound as if she's done all she can do as far as the bail reform laws are concerned, even going as far as passing the buck to New York judges.

"We worked hard with the [state] Legislature last year to change the bail laws, so the judges have more discretion, and there’s a lot of complicated factors here," the governor said.

"But I totally understand the outrage of the family. I really do."

Actions speak louder than words, always. And while she has the words, she definitely hasn't taken the appropriate actions.