Gorka says 'we know' who will win 2024 election if it's 'free and fair'

September 10, 2023

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former White House official and Trump supporter, said during a Breitbart interview, "We know who the president is going to be in 2025 on January 20 if we have fair and free elections.”

He pointed to polls that have former President Donald Trump slightly ahead of President Joe Biden as an indication of Trump's strength as a candidate.

"I mean, look at even the polls, you know, just between Donald Trump, the president, the incumbent, you know, senile old man in the White House," Gorka said. "When you are beating the incumbent -- the incumbent always has an edge. We know this in politics. The incumbent is always very difficult to unseat."

"When you’re already beating him 13 months out, you know, it’s plain, unless you’re one of these RINO Never Trumpers, unless you’re a loser like Mike Pence, unless you’re a person who’s driven by hatred and bile like Chris Christie. Unless you’re one of those people, you know who it’s going to be," Gorka continued.

He encouraged Republicans to do more than just donate money in support of Trump.

The “GOP is us,” he said, adding, "It is up to us. So don’t take anything for granted. And make sure that we mobilize everybody we know. ...It’s up to us to get President Trump back into the White House.”

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