GOP Voters Think Trump More Electable Than DeSantis

 April 26, 2023

The recent poll from Morning Consult that asked potential Republican primary voters for whom they plan to vote in their state produced some shocking results.

It wasn't a surprise that Donald Trump took home the top slot, that was to be expected. What was a surprise is the margin by which Trump seems to be leading his opponents, regardless of the party from which they hail.

A majority of the voters, 54%, believe that Trump will beat Joe Biden if the two face each other in November 2024.

Just 25% of those who responded thought that Ron DeSantis would defeat Joe Biden in a matchup for the presidency next year.

DeSantis has not yet declared his intent to run for president, but some people believe that is only because state laws in Florida would require him to resign before pursuing the presidency.

Republican leadership in the state Senate is reportedly looking to revise the law, meaning that if Ron DOES declare, it'll probably be after such a process concludes.