GOP Senator Warns About China's Terrifying Plan

 March 2, 2023

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama revealed bad news when it comes to what America should expect from China and its future plans.

"Tuberville reminded listeners China was the United States' 'number one adversary' and predicted the communist regime would move not only on Taiwan but beyond into Japan," reported Breitbart News.

Additionally, Tuberville was critical of the Biden administration's spending policy.

Tuberville warned Biden's spending will inevitably be felt by the American taxpayers, saying:

You’ve got to remember, China is our number one adversary. They’ll do anything to destroy us or keep us to where we drop a couple of steps. They’re just building. They’re doing everything they can in their military. They’re coming. They’re coming for Taiwan, and they’re coming past Taiwan, probably Japan and maybe even farther west – maybe even closer to us. And so, that’s their number one goal. But you know, we can’t recoup that money in terms of other than tax the American taxpayer. To me, it goes back — and I know in our state of Alabama, we voted and voted in Katie Britt and a lot of good people. But it just amazes me that across the country, the uneducated people who voted to put the Democrats back in control of the Senate. It’s just mind-boggling to me how that would happen in that election when all the things that have happened, we can really turn around and blame on the policies of the Democrats.

Tuberville didn't stop there. He continued, expounding on why Biden's excessive spending is detrimental to America, adding:

Since I have been here, Jeff, we’ve spent $6.5 trillion more than we should have. People don’t really realize what a trillion dollars is. You can’t do oversight on it. It’s going into people’s pockets. There’s corruption just everywhere. I’ve just been amazed at just how people have allowed this to go on. We have got to stop this. If we don’t, we’re going to lose our country as we know it. We’re dead-broke.