GOP says DOJ shut down probe of Democrat donor who paid off Hunter Biden's taxes

October 15, 2023

House GOP leaders on Friday accused President Joe Biden's DOJ of shutting down an investigation into the man who paid almost $2 million of Hunter Biden's taxes after it went public that he was in arrears.

Kevin Morris is a major Democrat donor who didn't really know Hunter Biden other than that he was Joe Biden's son, and the help came right as Joe Biden was running for president in 2020.

It seems natural that his "help" would lead to questions, but apparently, the DOJ decided there was no there there and just dropped the whole thing before it could even get started.

“It is reasonable to ask who requested that Kevin Morris cover Hunter Biden’s tax liability or whether he received something in return for his more than $2 million dollars in payments to someone that he barely knew,” Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) said Friday.

The payment kept the story about Hunter's unpaid taxes somewhat under the radar and kept the public from asking too many questions about corruption in the Biden family and whether Joe was involved.

“One of the biggest benefits to the Joe Biden presidential campaign in 2020 was Kevin Morris trying to cover the tracks of Hunter’s mounting legal troubles," Smith continued. "Moreover, the American people deserve to know why when IRS investigators smelled a potential campaign finance violation and wanted to investigate the matter further, the Justice Department moved to shut down the investigation.”

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