Republicans Say Biden 'Gaslighting' Nation On Inflation

 February 18, 2023

GOP officials blasted President Joe Biden for his "socialist agenda" leading to higher inflation, accusing him of "gaslighting Americans."

The gaslighting accusation comes over the acceleration of U.S. inflation in January despite efforts by the Federal Reserve to slow the rate of price hikes with higher interest rates.

"The Labor Department announced a 0.5 percent rise in January in the consumer price index — which measures what consumers pay for goods and services — compared with a month earlier," reports Breitbart.

"The rise was higher than expected, signaling persistent inflation, even as the president insists record-high prices are ending," according to Breitbart News.

GOP members blasted President Biden for the spike in prices, noting his radical agenda.

"The most expensive Valentine’s Day ever," wrote Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California.

"Joe Biden is continuing his premature victory lap on the economy despite today’s CPI report showing inflation surged last month," wrote Tom Emmer, House Majority Whip.

"But that gaslighting doesn’t work on anyone who’s had to go to the grocery store, put gas in their car, or pay their utility bills lately," Emmer added.

"Not surprisingly, Biden’s plan to spend our way out of inflation has been a massive failure," Tweeted Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

"Biden is gaslighting Americans. Just last week he said inflation is coming down despite it being up over 6%," wrote Republican Ken Buck of Colorado.

"Reminder: Inflation was just 1.7% when Biden was sworn in," he added.

Source: Breitbart