GOP Rep. Malliotakis says Republicans who voted for omnibus took pork and ran

December 25, 2022

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) told Fox News on Friday that the nine Republican House members who voted for the omnibus spending package were "taking the pork and running," casting their vote during the holidays when most people weren't paying attention.

She pointed out that most Republicans who voted for the package had something to gain from it in their districts, and most were also retiring and wouldn't face consequences for their vote on the $1.7 trillion spending package, which funds the government through September 2023.

Malliotakis stated:

Well, those are members who are, again, on their way out the door. And I think it’s kind of just taking the pork and running. And it is unfortunate, because I don’t believe that this is in the best interests of the American people. Look, we need to get serious about spending in this country. We need to look for areas to cut. If you went through this bill — and I tried, it was 4,100 pages, we tried to do what we could in terms of going through it — you found a lot of wasteful programs, more money being spent to international organizations, more money being sent to umbrellas under the United Nations, more money being spent overseas for all sorts of purposes in other countries while we have American families struggling here at home.

She further noted that lawmakers were not given enough time to read the 4,000+ page bill before voting on it, adding:

And the fact that we did not have the time to read it and that they’re trying to bring it when people are busy with Christmas, not paying attention to the news, that’s exactly what they want. They don’t want the American people to know what’s in it. And that’s why they went through this process. They could have easily, in September, extended this for the rest of the year, the funding. But they chose to come back in December to give themselves one more bite at the apple should they lose in November’s election, that is exactly what happened.

The Republican votes weren't really necessary to pass the bill in the House, where there is a Democrat majority. In the Senate, 18 Republicans voted with Democrats to pass the spending package.