GOP Investigating Conspiracy Between Jack Smith And State DAs

 August 24, 2023

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is always a bit divisive, even amongst Republicans.

One Republican who has to be LOVING her right now, though, is the one and only Donald Trump.

Why? Greene is doing Trump's dirty work by going after the Bidens so that the former president doesn't have to.

This way, Trump can try to keep himself out of jail and semi-focused on his presidential campaign without having to worry about all of the distractions that the corrupt Biden family is creating for him.

Greene said that the House GOP is going to launch a new probe into the "collusion and conspiracy" between Special Counsel Jack Smith and the state prosecutors that are targeting Donald Trump.

"Look at the real collusion and conspiracy that's happening between the Department of Justice and the state DAs, because basically, they are abusing the law and abusing the justice systems, not only on the federal level but in the state," Greene said. "I want to know how much coordination is happening between them and it's all in an effort to target President Trump. And it's completely unfair and it's a weaponization of our government, all for politics." She added:

So is it like are we going to have to cut is it an in kind donation because basically, that's what this should be considered.