GOP Insider Reveals IRS Is Going After Regular Americans

 January 14, 2023

Republican Rep. Ben Cline of Virginia said the IRS is going after regular people, policing $600 transactions.

"Cline said that Republicans took up repealing funding for increased IRS agents as their first act in the House majority because increasing the size of the agency, combined with the IRS requiring people to report transactions above $600 would create a massive amount of IRS intrusiveness into the lives of everyday people," reports Breitbart.

Cline said, "They wanted to increase taxes on the American people and they want to increase the number of Americans taxed. And so, they’ve increased, by 87,000 staff and agents, the number of IRS employees, and they’re going to be increasing the number of audits."

"Those audits are going to be targeting not just the super-rich, but hard-working Americans, small businesses," Cline added.

"And so, with that, combined with the new snooping that they’re going to have into your Venmo transactions, anything above $600 is going to have to be reported to the IRS," Cline stated.

"The combination of this intrusiveness is really, really resonating with the American people. They’re not going to have it. And so, that’s why the very first bill that we acted upon in the new Congress was to repeal funding for those 87,000 IRS staff and agents," Cline concluded.

Source: Breitbart