GOP Has 'Best Map' In A Decade, Says Campaign Chief

 January 27, 2024

Montana Sen. Steve Daines is the head of the upper chamber's Republicans' campaign arm.

As a result, when he talks about upcoming elections, Republicans would be wise to listen to him.

During a time when there seems to be nothing but witch hunts against members of his party and injustices against conservatives, Daines recently presented some rare, good news.

"The good news is: We have the best map in a decade," Daines told The Ripon Society, a conservative think tank.

"It’s a chance for us to pick up the United States Senate. We’re … more than halfway through this cycle and we’re already halfway to the majority. We need two seats to win the majority."

Daines thinks that there could be at least nine spots where Republicans pick up a Senate seat in the near future, including West Virginia, where "Democrat" Joe Manchin is NOT pursuing reelection.

Do you think Daines prediction could come true? Or is he aiming too high?