GOP Fundraising Platform Touts Uptick In New Donors

September 28, 2023

WinRed, a GOP fundraising platform, has some good news.

The enterprise is seeing an uptick in "valuable" new donors to the GOP's online fundraising platform.

"The numbers are clear that the RNC’s debate requirements are driving significant new donor acquisition," WinRed  officials said. "This critical threshold is driving cultural change at campaigns, which is crucial for Republicans to surpass Democrats in online fundraising." The fundraising outfit added:

WinRed seeks to educate the industry about the value of these donors so that we can continue to drive technological and cultural change at the campaign level and arm our candidates with the resources needed to win more elections.

A number of Republicans use the services, including the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Republican State Leadership Committee, the Republican Governors Association, and the Save America JFC.

WinRed has reported an increase of 532,000 Republican donors in 2023 alone.

Do you think that this is evidence that Republicans are gaining momentum?