Poll: Two-Thirds Of Republicans Give McCarthy High Marks

 April 29, 2023

A recent Economist/YouGov Poll revealed that two-thirds of Republicans approve of Representative Kevin McCarthy's job as Speaker of the House.

The poll consisted of 381 Republican respondents.

"66 percent said they approved of McCarthy’s job as Speaker. Twenty-five percent of the 66 percent said they 'strongly approve,' and 41 percent 'somewhat approve,'" reported Breitbart on the poll.

McCarthy’s job approval has soared since December with a consistent growth in approval rating.

"This most recent poll showed that McCarthy has a job approval rating of positive ten as speaker, up 18 points since the end of last year when he was still House minority leader, a month before he was elected speaker," reported Breitbart.

When Democrats' and independents' replies are included, 47% of the respondents said they strongly or somewhat approved of McCarthy’s handling of his job.

"For comparison, when Rep. Nancy Pelosi was speaker in December, her job approval rating was also underwater, at negative five," reported Breitbart. "Only 45 percent approved of her performance as speaker, while half (50 percent) disapproved. Six percent were unsure."

"After Republicans won the majority in the House in November, McCarthy, who had a majority of his party’s backing to become speaker, went through a historic 15-ballot speakership election spanning five days before he could muster up enough Republican votes to secure the speaker’s gavel," reported Breitbart.

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