Golfer arrested for punching elderly man who died from the injuries

 August 8, 2023

A horrific scene unfolded at the Glenview County Club in The Villages, Florida, recently that ended in the death of an 87-year-old man.

According to Breitbart, during a confrontation at the end of June at the Florida golf course, Robert Edward Moore Jr., 76, repeatedly punched Dean William Zook, 87, which ultimately resulted in Zook's death.

Moore Jr. has been arrested and charged with manslaughter for the deadly altercation, which came about after Moore believed Zook ran into his vehicle in the parking lot of the golf course.

Sadly, Zook tried to block the flurry of punches with his hands, but the injuries he sustained proved to be fatal.

A local Fox affiliate reported, "Zook spoke with deputies following the incident but began to slur his words and stumble before the ambulance was called. Doctors later discovered that Zook was bleeding from his brain and ultimately died on July 16."

Moore was captured on surveillance footage at the club walking outside, and then returning one minute after the altercation in the parking lot.

Local authorities later used social media to ask for help identifying the suspect, and internet research led to authorities discovering helpful information that ultimately led to his arrest.

Breitbart noted:

The agency said detectives needed help identifying the man pictured who was involved in an incident on June 28 at the Glenview Country Club.

According to the Fox report, “A Google search for Moore led the detective to a news article from November 2022 referencing Moore scoring a hole-in-one at another golf course.”

Moore told authorities that Zook wouldn't let him go, which forced him to punch him.

He was ultimately released on a $30,000 bond.

“People who would go to this physical length to harm somebody in their 80s and beat them so badly they ultimately died, clearly have impulse and anger management issues of some sort,” ABC News contributor and former FBI Special Agent Brad Garrett.