Germany's last 3 nuclear power plants shutting down because of 'risks' of using nuclear power

By Jen Krausz on
 April 16, 2023

Germany's last three nuclear power plants shut down on Saturday, and the Green Party Environmental Minister says it's because of the so-called risks of nuclear power to the environment.

In reality, nuclear power is one of the safest types of energy and has no emissions. It has become a casualty of the left's war on traditional forms of energy, a form of throwing out the nuclear baby with the fossil fuel bathwater.

The closures were originally scheduled at the end of 2022, but the war in Ukraine caused them to be pushed back in case a lack of energy caused security issues.

Not everyone in the country agrees with the shutdowns. KernD represents nuclear energy interests in Germany and said the shutdowns are a "bad idea."

"Also, in view of climate policy and the very unfavorable development in electricity generation last year — due to a sharp increase in coal-fired power generation — the shutdown of three functioning nuclear power plants with a low greenhouse gas footprint beggars belief," a KernD spokesperson told the German outlet in a statement.

The greenies just don't make any sense. If it isn't solar or wind, they want to dump it, even though it will lead to unstable power generation and blackouts.