Georgia residents call Fani Willis an 'embarrassment'

 February 8, 2024

Fani Willis, the Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney best known for having an affair with her subordinate, Nathan Wade, a lead prosecutor against former President Donald Trump, has been called an “embarrassment.”

Now, Willis has likely been left DEVASTATED after a recent public hearing.

During a public proceeding that took place to discuss Willis’ actions, a man named Kevin Muldowny let his thoughts on Willis be known.

“Fani is doing exactly what Fani wants, whether it’s carrying on an adulterous relationship with an underqualified stud she hired or ignoring a direct request from a sitting commissioner for a full audit,” Muldowny said.

During that hearing, Willis was also called to resign by a resident named Julie Allen.

Willis should step down while she still has a choice in the matter.

While it is not clear what the next move for Willis may be, a bill to impeach the beleaguered district attorney has been introduced by state Rep. Charlice Byrd.

Do you think impeachment will be necessary to get rid of Willis?