George Santos Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Charges

October 28, 2023

America seems pretty sure that Rep. George Santos is guilty, but the disgraced Republican from New York wants the chance to prove us wrong.

Santos is facing several charges, including wire fraud, lying to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States.

Those are some pretty serious allegations, so I wouldn't expect him to take them lying down.

However, early evidence appears so stacked against him that not even fellow Republicans feel like they can trust him at all.

A group of New York Republicans in the House brought a privileged resolution against him to force a vote on whether or not to expel Santos from Congress.

Rep. Mike Lawler, a Republican from the Empire State, said that the fact that Santos' staff is already pleading guilty to wrongdoing during the same period of time is not doing the congressman any favors in his eyes. He said:

I think the difference between this and what the Democrats had brought is that you have a guilty plea in court by his treasurer, confirming significant details and obviously a superseding indictment based on that conviction and guilty plea by his treasurer.