George Bush says Israel cannot negotiate with killers like Hamas

October 15, 2023

Former President George Bush claimed that Israel has no choice when it comes to dealing with Hamas, as "negotiating with killers is not an option for Israel."

Bush further stated, "My thoughts were that we need to support Israel – no ands, ifs, or buts. This is an unprovoked attack by terrorist people willing to kill innocent people to achieve an objective. Hamas is a political organization. They do not reflect the majority of the Palestinians, and don’t be surprised if Israel takes whatever action is necessary, defend herself, and it’s gonna be ugly for a while."

Hamas captured over 100 Israeli civilians during its attack on Israel on Oct. 7th. A further 1,300 have been killed, and more than 3,000 were wounded since the terrorist attack that kicked off this conflict.

During a conversation on whether Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu was fit to lead Israel, Bush stated “You’re dealing with cold-blooded killers. And you can make all kinds of excuses why they are, but they are, and his job is to protect his country, and anyway, we’ll find out what he’s made out of."

Of course, Hamas isn't Israel's primary enemy with whom it may need to negotiate. Hamas is backed by Iran, and Israel may have to be careful, as it can't afford another country entering on that side of the conflict.

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