Gen Z voters express concern over Biden's age, and his 'retiree' lifestyle

 December 25, 2023

President Joe Biden is already suffering in the polls, and now he has new issues to worry about -- losing more young voters.

According to Fox News, Gen Z voters are souring on the 81-year-old president over his seemingly "retiree" energy.

Kale Ogunbor, a Republican Gen Z voter, recently told Fox News how he feels about Biden's lack of pep and his never-ending vacations.

"I don't mean to rag on the president of the United States, but honestly, he's acting like a retiree," Ogunbor said.

He added, "It's been reported that over 40% of Joe Biden's presidency has been spent on vacation. And I think a lot of Americans, including Gen Z, don't want a president who seems more like he's retired the next four years after 2024."

Biden's very apparent old age is a major and growing concern for the Democratic Party, as droves of young voters -- and voters in general -- grow sour at the thought of Biden leading the country for another four years when he's not even really able to do it right now.

Fox News noted:

Meanwhile, according to an Axios report, Biden has allegedly refused to acknowledge his age. His "reluctance" has caused "tension" in the West Wing as the first lady and senior aides have reportedly encouraged him to "rest more" ahead of a busy campaign season.

One can only imagine, if he won, the increasing frequency of age-related gaffes and embarrassing moments, all of which reflect poorly on the United States as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

Poll after poll shows Biden slipping in both approval rating and his chances of beating former President Donald Trump in the general election next year.

But perhaps the most brutal situation for Biden and Democrats is the absolute lack of excitement for their candidate, which starkly contrasts Trump's situation.

Ryan Edwards, a Gen Z voter, echoed Ogunbor's sentiment.

"I just think that he is lacking the cognitive ability to lead the country… I feel that over the last four years, we have seen a constant decline in his true ability in leading America, and… I think in order to lead the free world, to lead America, you must make hard and complex decisions in the blink of an eye, and I don't think we have that with Biden," Edwards said.

Many on the left want Biden swapped out with a different candidate to give the party, overall, a better chance of winning next year.

Only time will tell if they go that route.