GDP Data Revised Downward Amid Biden's Historic Failures

September 5, 2023

President Joe Biden keeps running his motormouth about what a positive impact "Bidenomics" is having on this country.

The only problem with that is the fact that Bidenomics has been severely damaging America, and citizens are so concerned that many think the damage already done has been too great to repair.

Now, we realize that the numbers we've been given weren't even the real numbers.

We thought things were bad. Turns out they're REALLY bad. America's Labor Department had just been fudging the numbers to make Joe Biden look somewhat capable.

According to, the "Labor Department has consistently overestimated payroll growth predictions under the 46th president and has been forced to revise the data downward to reflect slower economic growth throughout 2023."

Alfredo Ortiz, the head of the Job Creators Network, explained why the Labor Department playing with the numbers is going to have a brutal impact on normal Americans. He said:

The labor force participation rate is the story there. I think it's really because people really are running out of money basically to afford living. So overall, I think people are getting concerned. Employers are starting to kind of put a hold on their hiring practices. They're not necessarily letting people go, but they're also not bringing people in. And so that is all a concern. The trends, I don't think are necessarily being shown in the first release of the estimates.

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