Gal Gadot Plans Screening Of Hamas Atrocities Against Jews

November 7, 2023

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has had enough.

There is so much propaganda out there about who is the good guy versus who is the bad guy in the Hamas versus Israel war that it's hard for everyday Americans to understand who is wrong and who is fighting for justice.

Gadot plans on helping those people.

After what she's about to do, there will be no question about who is fighting on behalf of evil and who is representing good in the world.

Gadot isn't going to hold back in her messaging.

She's going all out.

The actress has promised to show a 47-minute sequence of Hamas actions to fellow denizens of Hollywood, presented almost exclusively to a carefully selected group of celebrities.

Gadot is going to make sure that the world knows what Hamas REALLY stands for. Anything less than that would be doing America, and the world, a big disservice.

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