Gaetz Seeks Contempt Charges Against Ex-Trump Posecutor

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, is doing his best to hold a former Manhattan prosecutor in contempt of Congress because the attorney refused to answer questions about D.A. Alvin Bragg's 34-count indictment against former President Donald Trump.

Mark Pomerantz appeared before the House Judiciary Committee.

Despite Pomerantz being there physically, it was clear that he had no intention to cooperate.

Pomerantz refused to answer any questions during the hearing, simply citing his 5th Amendment rights again and again.

The former prosecutor Pomerantz insisted that the hearing was nothing but "political theater."

Representative Gaetz did NOT agree with Pomerantz and thinks that there should be consequences for his behavior.

"Through his lack of testimony, Mark Pomerantz has undoubtedly undermined the legitimacy of this witch hunt indictment against President Donald Trump," Gaetz said, adding:

I believe Mr. Pomerantz engaged in misconduct in his targeting of President Trump, and his refusal to answer simple questions should not go unpunished. He should be held in contempt of Congress and be compelled to answer the questions regarding the weaponization of the Manhattan DA’s office.