Gaetz: Lobbyists Who Own McCarthy Want America 'Facing Shutdown Politics'

September 26, 2023

Matt Gaetz is NOT a fan of Kevin McCarthy.

The Republican representative from Florida recently appeared on Fox News Channel to give his true thoughts on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

Gaetz claimed that McCarthy is absolutely owned by special interest groups, and the potential government shutdown looming over America's head is exactly what they all want so we fall in line.

"Are there Freedom Caucus members also out of compliance?" host Maria Bartiromo asked Gaetz. "They were also on the Appropriations Committee. Where is the responsibility for them? Are they also out of compliance?"

"No, I’m not a member of the Freedom Caucus," Gaetz said. "So, I will let them speak for themselves. But take, for example, the border, this issue you think is — has great primacy, and I would agree with you. The Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill was passed out of the Appropriations Committee in June, and yet Kevin McCarthy hasn’t put it on the floor in more than 100 days."

"That is not serious," the lawmaker from Florida said. "And you know why Kevin McCarthy didn’t move our border appropriations bill? Because the lobbyists and the special interests who own Kevin McCarthy want to put us in this position, where we’re backed up against the wall, facing shutdown politics. And what that does is it centralizes power to the people that they buy off with PAC donations and lobbyist donations. And then the membership doesn’t get to make real contributions to that process. I’m trying to democratize it."