French Prime Minister resigns over immigration crisis

 January 15, 2024

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne officially resigned on Monday over the immigration crisis that has been plaguing her country for the past few years.

Now, President Emmanuel Macron will have to appoint a new government quickly in order to ensure that his presidency can move forward as planned.

Macron is attempting to avoid a lame-duck presidency, and with his term ending in 2027, he can't afford something as simple as a prime minister's resignation to blow up his plans.

To further raise the stakes for Macron, he will be unable to run for president in 2027, as the French Constitution prohibits a third consecutive term for the office.

The upside to this resignation is the fact that Macron is now rid of a deeply unpopular politician. Borne has earned the ire of French citizens for her involvement in many controversial issues ranging from increasing the age of retirement to other significant pension scheme changes.

Macron is being forced to balance competing factions in the French government thanks to recent elections that saw his party lose the majority. The next few years promise to be contentious, and Borne's resignation is just the beginning.