Franklin Graham says world seems to be getting closer to Armageddon

By Jen Krausz on
 February 23, 2023

Citing the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, evangelical pastor Franklin Graham said the world seems to be inching closer to Armageddon.

“It seems as if our world is inching closer and closer every day to Armageddon,” Rev. Graham wrote in a Facebook post. “We need to pray that God would open up a door for Russia’s President Putin and Ukraine’s President Zelensky to find a resolution to this war.”

“It will require give and take,” Graham wrote. “No one will walk away a complete winner, but there has to be compromise to bring this madness to an end.”

“President Biden nor any man is capable of bringing about this resolution without God’s help,” he concluded.

The war will have been going on for a year on Feb. 24, and it only seems to be escalating as the U.S. gives more aid and China considers giving aid to Russia.

Graham visited Ukraine last month to deliver the 200 millionth Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Graham is president of Samaritan's Purse, which distributes the shoebox gifts as a way to bring the gospel to children around the world.