Franklin Graham: Donald Trump Is INNOCENT (Until Proven Guilty)

 April 7, 2023

It isn't just the everyday Republicans like you and I who are disgusted about what we are seeing happen to Donald Trump in 2023.

Franklin Graham agrees with us.

Reverend Graham is tired of liberals thinking that they're the judge and jury sent to tell all of us that we're wrong.

That's up to God, not liberals. Especially, Graham says, because "each and every one of us is a sinner deserving death."

But liberals have never been big fans of Jesus or doing what's right. That's why intolerable people like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are already insisting Trump is guilty and will need to prove his innocence to America.

Graham is here to remind everyone that's not the way things work in America.

"Under our nation’s Constitution, you and I are innocent of a crime unless and until we are proven guilty," Graham began. "This fundamental right applies to every American—from the immigrant who becomes a newly naturalized citizen, to those who have served in the highest office of the land. And our process of justice is intended to operate independent of partisan political calculation."