Franklin Graham condemns churches capitulating on homosexuality and abortion

 February 5, 2023

Pastor Franklin Graham, who is widely seen as the political leader of evangelical America, condemned the abandonment of biblical morality on human life and sexuality by churches in a Facebook post on Friday.

In that post, Graham celebrated the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, which passed a statement on biblical sexuality that affirmed "God creates people in his image as either male or female, and that this creation is a fixed matter of human biology, not individual choice. I believe marriage is instituted by God, not government, is between one man and one woman, and is the only context for sexual desire and expression."

That statement has brought the church under intense criticism and marks a rare reversal in an otherwise caustic trend that has seen the leftist agenda overrule biblical worldviews in churches nationwide.

Graham's post continued by saying “Way to go First Baptist Church of Jacksonville! I hope thousands of churches will follow your example. God bless you!"

Unfortunately, most churches have capitulated on leftist views on homosexuality and abortion and more recently, transgender views.

Graham is hoping that other churches will join First Baptist Church of Jacksonville and turn the tide in the culture war.