Franklin Graham calls for Americans to pray for the country's survival amid chaos at the southern border

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham called on Americans to "Pray that our country will survive," as Title 42 expires and the southern border descends into anarchy.

In a post to Twitter on Thursday, Graham said, "Everyone agrees that our southern border is in chaos, and it’s not just people from Mexico and Central America pouring across, but from all around the world. And this administration is doing nothing except encouraging it. Pray that our country will survive."

President Joe Biden and his administration have done everything in their power to open the border and allow millions of illegal aliens to flood across the border. Title 42 is one of the last measures left over from the Trump years that is preserving some semblance of order.

Breitbart News reported, "As the Trump administration expected, Title 42 has become an immensely effective border control to stem waves of illegal immigration that otherwise could have seen millions of illegal aliens released into the U.S. interior. Since Trump imposed Title 42, the authority has ensured that close to three million illegal aliens have been quickly removed from the U.S. following their crossing the border."

Now with Title 42 finally ending, border patrol authorities will have lost their last real measure to stop the flood of illegal immigration.

Estimates from the Biden administration predict that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants will cross the border a month with Title 42 expired. Graham is right to be concerned about America's survival with such unfettered immigration.