Franklin Graham: America Has Turned Its Back On God

 January 21, 2023

Pastor Franklin Graham recently had a conversation with CBS News. During that interview, he laid out a really, really hard truth to Americans.

America has turned its back on God.

Not all of us meant for it to happen, but somewhere along the line it did. Whether we were part of the problem or not, it's up to us to bring God back into this country.

Politicians are trying to replace what our Lord and Savior once provided. It's up to us to stop them, according to Graham, who said:

We’ve turned our back on God. Politicians are looking for what people want and what culture wants instead of what God wants. We need to have the absolute authority of God’s Word. I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. What’s happened as a nation is we have turned our back on God, and as a result, we are getting farther and farther away from Him.

As much as I hate to admit it, Franklin's right.

And it's up to people like us to clean up the mess and bring back God.